Friday, October 9, 2015

Well well well

It's interesting to me that my last post on here is 11/24/13.

So much changed. Exactly 1 year later I gave birth to my beautiful little boy, Ryan.

That blows my mind. What blows my mind even more is I'm 46 days away from celebrating his first birthday. 


So the direction of my blog has changed. Like it ever really had a direction in the first place. 

I'm currently planning his birthday party. It's going to be at a children's museum and the theme is Crayola! Which seemed like such a good idea at the time. I love crayons! I love coloring! I have an art background! This will be great! But at this point I'm up to my tits in Crayola err'thang and I'm ready to be done. 

Maybe I'll post some pics of the crafts and goodie bags I've made for him once I'm done. 

My brain isn't really functioning right now so I'm gonna cut this post short and work on some better ones for upcoming posts. With pictures. And more words.

Also....the MFP tool to the right is totally wrong. Oy.