Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pain in my ass.

I'm so over moving. 

I'm over talking about it. 

But really, the most annoying thing is how quickly and seamlessly the post office has begun to forward my mail to my parents' house.

Like seriously. My mailbox is so empty there's an actual spiderweb inside. I guess that makes it not empty.... Ok, it is so underused. Better.

I mean, my parents can keep my bills all they want but now my packages are getting redirected there. At first I thought I found the workaround if it was getting shipped via FedEx or UPS but now, more often than not, the smaller stuff seems to get dropped off at the post office. Then it gets stuck in the portal of hell called redirect.

Now I have to drag my lazy ass the five mins to the post office to pick something up. 

Damn post office and their efficiency.

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